A Little About A Lot of Yum

I am a wife, mother, traveler and a pretty darned good cook. I share the same birthday with my 2.5 year old twin boys and my mother-in-law…so it makes remembering birthdays pretty easy for my husband 🙂 I was born in Canada and since then have lived in 5 different countries. For now, we call Amsterdam home. I’m a feeder and love to cook for people.  When I’m not in the kitchen, I can usually be found running after my twin terrors on some rainy playground around Amsterdam or looking sideways at my enormous pile of laundry.

2 thoughts on “A Little About A Lot of Yum

  1. Your photos are gorgeous! My name is April btw, and I run a food blog as well- I was wondering if you would ever be interested in writing a guest blog post! (or doing a few)

    The only reason I ask is because your posts are beautiful and I would love to help you grow your blog and also help grow mine 🙂

    Let me know if you are at all interested! All I would need are the photos and recipe content emailed to me- dietitian@ocnutritioncoaching.com
    I would link back to your blog as well 🙂 I get roughly ~100 visitors per day- you can also send your photo and bio!

    looking forward to hearing from you,


    • Hi April and thanks for your message! I’m still new to blogging and really appreciate the kind words… especially since you have such a great blog! Id love to work with you. Ill send you an email to work out the details.

      All the best

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